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Waxing Facts and Fiction: What You Need to Know

You might like to walk like an Egyptian, but you'd never want to wax-like one.

Egyptians are pioneers of beauty treatments and rituals. Ancient Egyptian woman would remove all of the hair on their bodies with pumice stones, tweezers or beeswax. Luckily, women, today have many more enjoyable ways to remove hair.

New information about how our skin works have made waxing much easier. Now, you can be in and out of a waxing appointment in as little as fifteen minutes.

Even though waxing is convenient and easy, there are still a lot of myths surrounding it. Myths about waxed hair could discourage you from enjoying smooth skin. Read on to get rid of the myths and find out the truth about waxing facts!

How to Prepare for a Wax

First, you can prepare for your wax by getting your skin ready. Exfoliating is the best way to remove dead skin cells before your wax. Before you go to the salon, set time aside for a nice relaxing shower. During your shower, you can use your favorite scrub.

Exfoliation is a smart addition to your shower routine, even when you're not waxing. It's even been helping people treat acne-prone skin. To avoid irritating your skin, you should only use one exfoliating product at a time.

All you will need is a gentle scrub sometime before you get your wax. After your wax, you have to allow time for the new skin cells to form. You should wait a few days after the wax to use any type of scrub or exfoliating product.

Hair Won't Grow Back Thicker

A common myth is that waxing will cause hair to grow back thicker. This is a major concern for women who want to wax their facial hair or other areas. However, you can rest at ease because your hair will not grow back thicker after waxing.

The thicker hair waxing myth has been around for years. The myth most likely comes from the way new hair feels coarser than old hair.

Your hair has a specific shape and contains keratinous protein filaments. Your natural hair has tapered ends that are smooth to the touch. When you cut off or wax hair, the new growth won't have the tapered ends yet. For this reason, the new hair growth will feel like thick, coarse stubble.

However, once the hair fully grows back the ends will once again shape to be smooth and tapered. Think about it, hair loss and balding wouldn't exist if the thick hair myth was true!

In reality waxing, your hair can help prevent unwanted hair from ever returning. Why does waxing reduce hair growth? The unwanted hair will become weak over time. After a while of waxing, some areas may stop growing unwanted hair completely.

Waxing Facts on Pain

The professionals who are taking care of you should work hard to help you feel safe. You'll almost feel as though you are on a small getaway or vacation. That's why it's always important to find a spa with experience helping people relax.

First, it's important to space out your sessions. Along with spacing out your sessions you also need to schedule them regularly.

Spaced out regular visits will help reduce any discomfort you feel from the hair's removal. When you wax regularly the unwanted hair is less strong. The weaker the hair, the easier it will be to remove it with the wax.

You should also take your menstrual cycle into consideration.

Some women find their skin to be more sensitive right before their cycle. You should also avoid watching any type of waxing video online. A big part of the pain people feel is psychological.

If you're afraid and tense, your muscles will tense, your skin will tighten and you will feel more pain. Instead, allow yourself to relax and enjoy the waxing experience.

Another thing you can do to reduce pain is to limit your caffeine intake. Excessive caffeine, smoking or alcohol consumption can cause your body to have a high level of acidity.

When you have a lot of acids in your body your skin becomes more sensitive. The alcohol can also dehydrate your skin and increase the level of your discomfort. If you think you might have high levels of acidity, you can try taking a Tums before your appointment.

Limit Sun Exposure & Exercise After a Wax

It’s important to know that you should have no sun exposure for a minimum of 12 hours after being waxed. Planning ahead for this is key.

If you are planning to get waxed before going to the beach or having the waxed area exposed to the sun, it can become inflamed because the skin becomes hyper sensitive and can cause pigmentation damage. So, within the first 12 hours after a wax, cover up if you’re going to be outdoors.

Now, you also have an excuse to take a day off from working out. When you have a wax, your pores open up and your skin is more vulnerable. During a workout, you'll sweat and expose your skin to different bacteria.

The sweat can irritate your skin and affect your complexion. Most experts recommend waiting a full twenty-four hours after a wax before working out. Your skin has to heal after you get a wax.

You should definitely avoid any workouts where you'll be moving and sweating a lot.

Examples of workouts you should avoid include:

  • Spin Class

  • Running

  • High Intensity Interval Training

  • Kickboxing

  • Outside Exercise

You should also avoid any exposure to chlorine or other chemicals. To be safe, just wait twenty-four hours before you swim or go in any type of hot tub. If you have a waxing session on your legs, avoid wearing any type of tight leggings.

Think about your newly smooth skin as delicate and needing air and space. You should allow the skin to breathe, heal and rest.

If you can't go a day without your gym time, there are other solutions. You can try participating in a low impact, low-intensity workout. For example, a stretching session or light yoga class could be a great alternative.

How to Book Your Appointment

Serenity Skincare is happy to share our waxing facts with you!

We love pampering our guests with relaxing treatments. We offer a wide array of services including, facials, massages, manicures, tinting and of course waxing. Serenity Skincare would love to get to know you.

Please contact us today to book your relaxing escape.

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