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How Often Should You Get a Facial: Your Guide to Healthy Skin

Facials can be a solid hour of pure bliss, relaxation, and pampering, and everyone should treat themselves to a consistent facial routine.

Many people get a facial solely for special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays or when life gets too overwhelming and a relaxing facial sounds peaceful.

Implementing facials on a regular basis will not only make you feel pampered, but they also have an immense amount of benefits for your skin. But what is considered a regular basis and how often should you get a facial?

The days of guesswork are over, and we are here to help you learn how often you should get a facial based on your unique skin type.

Benefits of Facials

Implementing a consistent facial routine to your beauty routine can take your skin from good to great. Not only will you feel pampered and relaxed on a regular basis, but you will start to see a huge improvement in your skin over a short amount of time. Not to mention that implementing a facial routine now will help to eliminate those pesky, unwanted wrinkles that form with age.

Even if you don't have acne, hyperpigmentation, scars or dry skin, a facial from a professional can still benefit your skin tremendously. Think about all of the pollution in the air and the bacteria that you come into contact with every day. Every skin type deserves to be pampered and taken care of on a regular basis.

Some benefits of keeping a regular facial routine include:

  • Evens skin tone

  • Promotes skin rejuvenation

  • Deep cleanses

  • Reduces stress

  • Prevents aging

  • Promotes blood circulation

  • Eliminates whiteheads and blackheads

  • Tightens skin

  • Promotes elasticity

  • Treats a variety of skin issues

How Often Should You Get A Facial

It takes the skin three to four weeks to completely go through the entire cell growth cycle where cells make their way from the dermis to the surface. Once skin cells reach the surface, they are naturally sloughed off.

Therefore, it is a general rule of thumb to get a facial every three to four weeks to aid the skin regeneration cycle.

However, because every person has a unique skin type, there is no universal calendar for facial treatments. There are many factors to take into consideration that will allow you to decide how often you should get a facial based on your exact skin needs.

If you are still unsure, it is important to get an expert's advice to ensure you are getting the best facial and treatment plan for your skin type.

Skin Type

Skin types can range from dry to oily to combination to acne-prone to sensitive to normal. Just as there are a wide variety of skin types, there are also a wide variety of skin care goals. If you have acne prone skin and you would like to focus on clearing your breakouts, it is ideal to get a facial every two to three weeks.

That way, your esthetician can routinely perform extractions to unclog your pores. By giving your skin the consistent attention that it needs every two to three weeks, your skin will start to clear up, which will allow you to start spacing your facials out every three to four weeks or until your skin stays relatively clear.

People with dry skin may also want to provide their skin with a little extra attention and get a facial at least once a month. This will ensure that your skin stays healthy and hydrated.

For people with sensitive skin or oily skin, you want to space your facials out over a longer period of time. While facials are important to aid in the cell growth cycle, it can be counterproductive to get a facial regularly if it is going to make your skin red, painful and irritated.

Many people with sensitive skin stay away from facials altogether to eliminate any flare-ups, but it is still important to get a facial about every two months to ensure elasticity and hydration for your skin.


A 40-something-year-old is going to have a different skin care and facial treatment routine than a 20-something-year-old. However, this does not mean that you should not get facials if you are in your 20s. In fact, it is never too early to start prioritizing your skin care.

When you are young, you are laying the groundwork for good skin when you get older. Facials and mud masks are important to prevent wrinkles and fine lines that appear in your 30s and 40s. Also, if you have acne in your 20s it will not just magically disappear. This is the time to see an esthetician regularly to treat breakouts and fade scars.

As you age, you can start looking into regular glycolic peels and enzyme peels to really target those fine lines and wrinkles. While the skin cell cycle regenerates every 28 days for young individuals, the process starts to lengthen with age. It is important to start looking into a facial routine once you turn 30 to ensure the best health for your skin.

Skin Care Products After Facials

A facial will leave your skin squeaky clean and radiant for days. It is important not to overclean your skin or use harsh products for at least a few days after your facial in order to leave your post-facial skin happy and healthy.

Opt for a gentle, soap-free cleanser and a light moisturizer the next few days following your facial. It is also important to avoid harsh products such as exfoliators, face scrubs, retinols, face masks, acne products with salicylic acid and at home peels for at least a few days after your facial to prevent any redness or irritation.

Scheduling Facials

Much like how it is important to schedule the proper amount of facials for your skin type, it is also important not to overschedule the proper amount of facials for your skin type.

It is, unfortunately, possible for your skin to be overwhelmed and negatively impacted by too much of a good thing. But we are here to help you find the sweet spot when it comes to the perfect number of facials for your skin.

Instead of guessing how often you should get a facial, contact us today so we can provide you with expert advice based on your unique skin type and help you choose a facial routine.

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